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Sep 29, 2019

Dr. John and Delilah discuss "Male Bag" with Benny, a sock monster - Ft. Hilary Stallings, improviser in Monocle: The Improvised Play, one of the six directors of The 666 Project: A Horror Anthology at Push Comedy Theater, and owner of Citizen Soap Co.!

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Sep 22, 2019

Dr. John & Delilah discuss "Jazzilingus: When the Soul Patch Meets Landing Strip" with Glenn the Not Very Good Ghost - Ft. Andy Livengood of!

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Sep 15, 2019

Dr. John & Delilah discuss "Sexual Intercourse Through the Years" with Hermann and Frankie, Chesapean vampire co-founders of VamPods - Ft. Skye Zentz - improviser, musician, and ukulele instructor from The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk and Tiffany Hale, cast member of The 666 Project Halloween show at the Push Comedy...

Sep 8, 2019

Dr. John and Delilah discuss "He-Man: Master of the Pooniverse" with Amber Lyn Geisel, proprietress of The Shady Nest Gentlemen's Club and Retirement Castle - Ft. Jen Weir Edwards, alumni of The 666 Project at the Push Comedy Theater in The NEON District of Norfolk,...

Sep 1, 2019

Dr. John and Delilah discuss "Dialing 0 on the Pink Telephone" with Brooks T. Sullivan, survivor expert - Ft. Forrest Deal of The Improv Riot: The Short Form Improv Show at the Push Comedy Theater!